Renew Crew

Renew Crew vs. DIY

As a Lincoln business owner or homeowner, you want your property to look nice and to continue looking nice for your customers and guests. We get it. Pressure washing can be a simple, cost-effective way to add that curb appeal and value to your property while extending the life of your outdoor surfaces. Once you decide that pressure washing is on the docket, however, one question always pops up: “Should we hire professionals or just DIY (do it yourself)?”

DIY Pressure Washing

DIY power washing can save you money, of course. It’s the most obvious benefit with this option. However, have you considered everything DIY could cost you? Pressure washing can be a difficult, technical job. Novices often underestimate the time it takes and the risks involved.

The fact of the matter is, pressure washing requires unique tools that can be expensive to buy or rent and are difficult to use. Many don’t know that it requires learned skills to pressure wash your home, deck, walkway or other surfaces without accidentally damaging them or the surrounding landscape.

It can also be a dangerous job. Getting to those hard to reach places near your roof can be risky. Don’t put your life on the line by precariously leaning over the top of a ladder and certainly don’t let a family member or employee do it.

Trust the Professionals: The Renew Crew Difference

At Renew Crew, our business is pressure washing. Our technicians are trained to clean and protect your brick, concrete, and wood surfaces effectively while leaving them unharmed and creating a healthier environment for your family. At Renew Crew, our patented 3-step process penetrates, cleans, and protects your property:

First, we use a biodegradable pre-soak foam to lift deep-down dirt, mold, and gray wood fibers. Next, we power clean all surfaces with a patented non-damaging process that rinses away the grime and restores the original appeal. Finally, we apply a protective, polymer finish to enhance the beauty of woods and protect all surfaces from the sun, the elements, and other damage.

Renew Crew of Lincoln Saves You Time and Money

Renew Crew’s power washing and cleaning service would love to save you money, keep you safe, and save you a frustrated weekend afternoon that we’re sure you’d rather spend with your family. All our products are safe too, so there’s no need to worry about nasty chemicals. Rid your outdoor surfaces of dirt, mold, mildew, tire marks, oil, and more! Let Renew Crew of Lincoln take care of all your pressure washing needs.

Give us a call today at 402-817-0692. We’ll get back with you as soon as possible to set up a free consultation.