Renew Crew

Concrete Cleaning and Protecting Services

At Renew Crew of Lincoln, our technicians provide the skill and quality service needed to breathe new life into your concrete surfaces. We take your cleaning needs seriously and can guarantee high performance concrete cleaning to all our customers.

Why Maintaining Concrete Surfaces Is so Important

Maintaining concrete properly keeps it in optimal condition without any signs of unsightly grime and oil stains. Protecting the concrete after power washing also prevents salt built up that can cause structural damage to your concrete surfaces.

Cleaning and protecting concrete prevents cracks and pits where weeds can grow and water damage occurs. If this happens, you will face major problems in the future with permanent stains that cause the concrete to disintegrate, leading to expensive replacement costs.

Before this happens to your driveway and other outdoor concrete surfaces, let Renew Crew of Lincoln remove all grease, stains, and dirt from your concrete surfaces. We will use our tailored three-step approach for a deep-down clean and protective service you’re guaranteed to love. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions and a well-kept concrete driveway or walkway adds curb appeal to your property.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Concrete Cleaning

Think twice before you decide to use home remedies or a pressure washer to clean concrete yourself. You can cause more damage than good if you’re not experienced in regulating the pressure of the power washer. Many people don’t realize the tremendous force of the water sprayed out of the pressure washer wand. Too much water pressure can cause the following damage to your concrete and surrounding area:

  • Etch lines in the concrete
  • Disintegrate the concrete surface
  • Form peaks and valleys that trap gravel and dirt
  • Damage your lawn, shrubs and plants
  • Damage decking and siding

  • Safely Brighten and Protect Your Concrete

    Our professional concrete cleaning services safely revitalize your driveway, walkway or patio concrete without damaging surfaces or nearby landscaping. Renew Crew of Lincoln uses an innovative, three-step process of presoaking, pressure washing, and sealing that will help you rediscover the natural beauty of your concrete surfaces. Call us today!