Renew Crew

Restore Your Deck and Fence

You have invested a lot of time and money into your deck and fence, so you want to keep them both in excellent shape. Over time, the elements of wind, rain and sun punish your materials to make them look drabber and duller than they should be. We provide a maintenance process in the form of power washing and sealing that will quickly and inexpensively restore the luster to your deck and fence.

Deck and fence restoration

Remove Dirt and Increase Longevity With Our 3-Step Process

Our proven method gets dirt and grunge from even the deepest cracks, making your materials look bright and new again. We use only the safest products to protect the environment and to keep pets and children free from harm. We follow an established process that has worked well for our customers.

  • Pre-soaking. Our foam cleaner softens the wood and penetrates the pores of the fiber, lifting dirt away. Any mold and mildew are eradicated by the non-bleaching non-chlorine cleaner. Because the foam stays on the surface longer than liquid, it is more effective at removing stains and grime.
  • Cleaning. We then pressure wash the materials with just the right force to remove any unsightly dirt while being gentle on the wood and your landscaping.
  • Sealing. We then apply a mixed polymer sealant to your deck and fence. The sealant protects the materials from the elements and increases the longevity of your investment.

Our Goal Is Your Complete Satisfaction

At Renew Crew of Lincoln, we strive to get your deck and fence looking as good as possible. We will never compromise the safety of your yard in any way, so we only use gentle and environmentally sound methods. We offer free estimates and guarantee our work to your satisfaction.

Call us today at 402-890-1798, and we can schedule our 3-step process as soon as you like. Let us restore your deck and fence to a condition that will make you feel proud again.

Current Offers

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