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Renew Crew

Protect Your Outdoor Surfaces

Renew Crew of Lincoln understand how exposure to the brutal winters and severe thunderstorms of Lincoln, Nebraska, heavily damages outdoor surfaces while you are inside weathering the storm. The resulting buildup of dirt, mold and mildew leaves pavers, patios and fences highly susceptible to moisture damage and discoloration. We also understand your desire to maintain those surfaces and keep them looking fresh. That is why we use a three-step cleaning procedure that leaves house siding, driveways and wood decks alike clean and protected. Our signature process includes the following:

  • Step One: A pre-soak foam kills mold and loosens deeply embedded dirt and grey wood fibers.
  • Step Two: Pressure washing rinses away the grit without damaging the landscape or gouging surfaces.
  • Step Three: The healthy, clean exterior is maintained with a unique protective finish.

Stain and protective coating hardscape

Discover An Exceptional Level of Protection

Unlike other outdoor cleaning services, we believe in cleaning your surfaces today while also protecting them against the elements of tomorrow. Your outdoor surfaces should be as healthy as they appear. There are special polymers in the protective finish applied by the Renew Crew. These compounds are the product of focused cooperation with coatings chemists. Tried and true for over 15 years, the reliable sealant guarantees results that are distinguished by the following features:

  • An attractive finish that enhances natural qualities of wood surfaces
  • Deep pore protection against dirt and mildew buildup in cracks and crevices
  • Extra shielding from damaging elements such as UV rays and wind
  • Environmentally friendly protection without chemical risks to pets, outdoor animals or your family
  • Surfaces with a longer life that require less frequent cleanings

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Living in Tornado Alley means owning outdoor fences and decks that experience high levels of exposure to dirt, wind and other natural elements. Take the first step toward achieving deeply cleaned outdoor surfaces with lustrous appearances that remain well-protected for years to come. Call Renew Crew of Lincoln at 402-890-1798 for a free estimate today.

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